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Born and raised in Givaataim, Israel, photography is a mixture of my background and experience.

I first picked up a professional camera in my travels in South America. Being naturally curious and passionate about travelling and exploring new places, my photo portfolio spans many countries and continents.

Amsterdam 01.2018-447.jpg

Throwing into the mix of love to scuba diving and years of experience as an underwater photographer, my projects capture locations and scenarios most of people rarely get to see.

I am a software engineer and for years my professional photography was parallel to my high tech positions.

At the age of 41, when my child turned 3, I decided to spend more time doing what I'm most passionate about and left the tech industry to concentrate on photography.

On the last few years I'm working with leading dance companies and dance schools, sharing the aim to take complex and complicated realities and simplify it by capturing its pure essence.

My challenge is to capture movement with a click.

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